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Below are descriptions of the classes that we offer.  Classes rotate with a few in session at a time.  Click on Book Here to see which classes are currently avalible. 


 Tricks Class - Novice 

This class is a 5 week course. In this class, you will work on the tricks to get your Trick's Title and ribbon. There are 4 titles in this series: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Performer. Information about Trick Titles can be found under the Extra Reading tab. 

5 Week classes are $100.


 Puppy Classes 

Puppy Level 1 is a six week long course with hour long classes once per week. Puppy 1 will cover house manners, name recognition, bite inhibition, learning come & sit commands, and socialization with other puppies and people.  We also begin to master important manners a like leash walking without pulling.

Rouge ans his ear... to cute

 Puppy 2 

Puppy Level II class is a six week long course with hour sessions once per week.  Puppy II emphasizes heeling instructions with distractions present.  Along with come and sit, the puppies will learn down, sit, and stay commands.  Leash walking manners will be further improved by learning how to heel.  We will continue to build on puppy socialization skills and focus on any unresolved behavioral problems. 

What a cute smile

 Advanced Puppy 

S.T.A.R Puppy Class is 6 weeks long, meeting 1 hour each week, with the S.TA.R. test administered at the final class.  We will be targeting loose leash walking, sits, downs, stay, come, grooming, staying with another person while you go do what you need to do - 10 or so steps- without nervousness. We will improve how they interact with other people and puppies, body handling, and picking up (depending on size). Additional information about S.T.A.R. Puppy can be found under the Extra Reading tab.

Please contact us for the next Puppy STAR class date.


 Adult Dog Classes 

Adult Level I is a six week long course with a 1 hour class per week. Adult I will cover come, sit, down, and stay. Manners with greetings and leash walking will be addressed as well. We will do activities that will teach you how to get and keep your dog's attention.


 K9 Good Citizen Class 

The C.G.C class is a 6 week long class meeting 1 hour each week. Canine Good Citizen class will prepare you for the C.G.C. test at the end of the 6 weeks, and you will continue to learn proper manners when out in public. We will do some classes at the facility and some out and abouts in public areas.  Additional information about C.G.C. is found under the Extra Reading tab.

Please Contact us for the next C.G.C class.


 Dancing with Your Dog 

Yes, I said dance! Dancing with your dog teaches new tricks and attention skills in a fun way, and it's all to music. That makes everything more fun! You and your dog will be learning skills like the grapevine, spin, turn and more will working toward a routine by the end of the classes. This class meets once a week for 6 weeks. 


 NEW - Out And About Classes 

This is a more advanced class . Dog owners must have taken Puppy 1, Puppy 2 or an adult class Participate. You will be taken out to public areas to work on your basic obedience with real life distractions. We meet at a new place each week and you are mean emailed the new locations weekly.


 NEW - Puppy Coaching 

$120 monthly  membership includes age-appropriate puppy classes and access to socialization and energy burning pack-walks. When fully potty trained , membership includes access to our Out and About classes, to reinforce skills learned in class. Personalized behavioral problem-solving during pack walks and email correspondence. Training will meet standards required for the Canine Good Citizens and Pet Partner Exam.

Group Classes

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