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Service Dog Training

Need a Service dog? 


Have a dog that you want to be your service dog?

Are you able to commit to a curriculum to train your Service dog ?

We here at Sit, Stay and Play AK have designed a Service dog training program to assist clients with a disability to train their own dog to help in their everyday life.


We believe that by training your own dog, a positive partnership is formed, which increases your dogs dedication and enjoyment as a legal service dog.

Our training program is based on the training standards of Bergin University of Canine Studies with a goal of a healthy, reliable service dog.

We at Sit, Stay and Play AK will be here for you and your dog form the day you chose to commit to the training process of training to the day they your dog retires and will be here to help you train your next service dog!


The first step is an  evaluation with the trainer to determine your dogs temperament and willingness to work, we will then talk about the curriculum and program details.

Qualities of a Service dog:

~ Solid temperament

~ Tolerates loud noises, Multiple walking surfaces, strange smells,and unusual sights

~ Recovers quickly when startled

~ Accepts diverse people; Men, Women and children

~ NO dog aggression or resource guarding

~ Not shy or nervous

~ Able to focus on handler regardless of activity, People or other dogs present

~ Accepts touch and petting by men, woman and children

Requirements of a Service dog:

~ Solid foundation in obedience

~ letter from your doctor stating you have a disability which a service dog would assist you in dealing with your disability and that you are mentally and physically capable of caring for a service dog

~ Letter from your veterinarian stating your dog is able to preform the tasks and service work in which you will require - if applicable 

Please  contact us for pricing, class schedules and evaluations.

Please bring with you the paperwork that applies to you at this time.

If you would like a dog placed with you please bring your doctors letter stating you have a disability and a dog would be helpful in your daily life with what 2 tasks ( minimum)  your dog would need to perform to be of service to you.

Complete this form if you would like an  evaluation to assess eligibility and appropriateness of a dog you currently own to become an ADA compliant service animal.

If you do not have a dog and are in need of a service dog we can help with the correct paperwork, training and time.

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